HLPR Blog Roundup: Destroying Rights in the Name of Justice

HLPR Online editorial staff

Several recent HLPR posts have captured the idea that states, legislatures and authorities, by enacting laws to ensure justice, are actually just doing more to damage it.  The tension between balancing conflicting rights and priorities is a constant concern i.e. consider the current desire of UN forces to promote human rights in Libya by, inevitably, causing more death and destruction.

HLPR bloggers have presented their own examples of this dilemma:

  • Smita Ghosh discussed how legislatures in several states want to solve more crimes by expanding DNA testing to individuals that have not been convicted of any crime.
  • Jessica Jackson’s post captured how law enforcement is preventing preventing “police interference” by arresting those caught filming police encounters, and potential police violations.
  • Zach Luck’s post called for a “trust commission” on America’s torture policies, a topic that tends to split people on the their use and necessity.

Check out these posts and more at the HLPR blog.

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