HLPR Blog Roundup: Wikileaks

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It’s been (kinda) all Wikileaks of late on the HLPR Blog.  Our bloggers have each covered the topic from varying angles, but all with interesting and relevant pieces.

Check them out!

  • Jake Laperruque strongly critiqued the process of Pfc. Manning’s arrest and prosecution.
  • Anthony Krammer detailed Wikileak’s release of hundreds of documents related to Guantánamo Bay and noted key revelations.
  • Of course, we had guest contributor Jonathan Peter’s excellent assessment of the First Amendment issues surrounding the potential prosecution of Wikileaks.
  • Lastly, Marshall Thompson noted the hypocrisy of U.S. State Department’s refusal to include the United States in its annual global human rights, given the wide condemnation of Pfc. Manning’s incarceration conditions.

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