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Riley v. California: A Reply

By Jake Laperruque Editor’s note: Jake is responding to the original version of our second post on Riley v. California.  In my opinion, this post’s critique of the Riley decision is wrong for several reasons: First, it complains that the Court did not draw an impossible distinction. There is no realistic way to make a…


Congress on Recess: Noel Canning

By Tom Watts Yesterday, the Supreme Court decided National Labor Relations Board v. Noel Canning, holding that President Obama’s NLRB appointees exceeded his recess appointments power due to the Senate’s pro forma sessions. For a summary of the decision, I suggest the excellent coverage on SCOTUSblog or Eric Posner’s piece for Slate (which also features…


McCullen v. Coakley: “Something for Everyone”

By Ana Choi The Supreme Court has handed down its decision in McCullen v. Coakley, holding that the Massachusetts statute creating a 35 feet buffer zone around abortion clinics is unconstitutional on First Amendment grounds. Although the holding is unanimous, the majority opinion (written by C.J. Roberts and joined by JJ. Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, and…

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