Volume 13-1

Summer 2018



Symposium: Revitalizing rural america



James J. Sandman & Ronald S. Flagg

Legal Deserts: A Multi-State Perspective on Rural Access to Justice

Lisa R. Pruitt, Amanda L. Kool, Lauren Sudeall, Michele Statz, Danielle M. Conway, & Hannah Haksgaard

The Neighbors Who Feed Us: Farmworkers and Government Policy—Challenges and Solutions

Alexis Guild & Iris Figueroa

Rural Blight

Ann M. Eisenberg

Rural Health, Universality, and Legislative Targeting

Nicole Huberfeld


Also featuring:


Shelter-in-Place: Reducing Displacement and Increasing Inclusion in Gentrifying Neighborhoods

Ryan Cohen

Reforming Unemployment Insurance in the Age of Non-Standard Work

Jeremy Pilaar

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