Volume 2-2

Summer 2008 – Full Masthead

Symposium: Ideas for a New Administration

What Would Jackson Do? Some Old Advice for the New Attorney General
Janet Reno & Geoffrey M. Klineberg

Restoring the Civil Rights Division
Senator Edward M. Kennedy

Restoring Public Confidence in the Fairness of the Department of Justice’s Criminal Justice Function
James K. Robinson

The Environment and Natural Resources Division of the United States Department of Justice: Planning for the Transition to the Next Administration
Lois J. Schiffer & Richard J. Lazarus

Homeland Security and the Upcoming Transition: What the Next Administration Should Do to Make Us Safe at Home
P.J. Crowley

A Way Forward on Climate Change
Timothy E. Wirth

General Essays

Progressive Tax Reform in the Era of Globalization: Building Consensus for More Broadly Shared Prosperity
Jason Bordoff & Jason Furman

What Katrina Revealed
William P. Quigley

Anchor Babies, Over-Breeders, and the Population Bomb: The Reemergence of Nativism and Population Control in Anti-Immigration Policies
Priscilla Huang

Short Essays and Book Reviews

N.O. Schools or No Schools? Absolute Deprivation of Educational Opportunity in Post-Katrina New Orleans as a Violation of a Fundamental Right to a Minimally Adequate Education
Cheryl S. Bratt, Bradley W. Moore & Colin W. Reingold

Equality in the Garden State: Litigation and Social Activism in the Struggle for Marriage Equality
Andrew Bruck

And Congress Shall Know the Truth: The Pressing Need for Restructuring Congressional Oversight of Intelligence
Serge Grossman & Michael Simon

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