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Assisting Personal Responsibility: Using Nudges to Reduce Sugar Consumption

By Steven J. Gonzalez[1] I. Introduction The prevalence of obesity and its related chronic illnesses has been increasing for decades and takes a heavy toll not only on individual households, but also on public health institutions. The over-consumption of sugar, especially through Sugar Sweetened Beverages (SSBs), is an important contributor to this epidemic. Curtailing Americans’ intake…


Seeing Red: Tomatoes, Salmonella, Takings, & Torts

By Tommy Tobin* It’s an unfortunate reality that food can sometimes make people sick. In just one year, nearly 20,000 Americans were hospitalized due to Salmonella bacteria alone, and over 375 individuals died. In concert with other agencies, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plays a leading role in preventing foodborne illness. For scientists, pinpointing…


When Zero Means Some, Confusion Reigns

By Lisa Heinzerling* As I have argued elsewhere, the transparency achieved by federal laws relating to food is only partial, and sometimes only serves to conceal a lie. If one wanted to see this principle in operation, one might turn to a recent federal district court decision from California. In Backus v. Nestlé, the court…

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