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President Trump Overstepped his Authority on Sanctuary Cities

  By Eddie Nasser* In Executive Order No. 13768 issued January 25th, President Trump attempted to follow through on a major campaign promise to cut all federal funding from so-called “sanctuary cities.” Not only is the order bad policy, it also seems unlikely to withstand a challenge in court. Section 9(a) of the order mandates…


Executive Order 9066: #NeverForget

By Jessica Huey* It was the worst day of his life. That was all he would ever say about it. Looking at black and white photos of my great-grandfather, the stoicism etched in his expression is impossible to ignore. But to understand his story—that of a quiet, Japanese merchant who came to America with his…


What We Really Should Do This Thanksgiving

By Tom Watts In the aftermath of Ferguson, I keep reading pieces like this: what we should do now is learn, understand, and think. I find this advice irritating, because it seems futile. Things look bad right now, and social change will never come from progressives simply becoming more informed. We have to take the…

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