HLPR Blog Roundup: Hot Topics in Education

HLPR blog editorial staff 

Few topics have received greater recent national attention than education, evidenced by the prominent role the theme played in President Obama’s State of the Union Address.   It’s not surprising, then, that education has also been a popular topic amongst HLPR bloggers:

  • Jessica Jackson questioned the merits of California’s budget proposals to make draconian cuts to education while proposing to spend millions more on its prison system.
  • Jay Willis discussed a broad range of issues affected education on the state and federal level.  He described how states have taken aim at their secretaries of education, challenged the notion of education in America as a meritocracy, and introduced the new Chair of a key Congressional education subcommittee.
  • Smita Ghosh analyzed North Carolina’s novel approach to protecting community college students and noted a constitutional challenge to one state’s cuts in education funding.

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