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Where is Thy Sting?

By Hudson Kingston Why do governments kill people? Ignoring the extra cost and unequal application of the death penalty for a moment, what are the justifications for keeping it in a democratic society?

An Open Letter to Walter Kirn About Ohio

By Jonathan Peters Dear Walter, I teach journalism courses at the University of Missouri and Ohio University, and every semester I help freshmen and sophomores write their first stories. Many of them struggle. They don’t know what to include, where to put things, how to edit for clarity, and so on. As they fight the blank…

Martin Garbus: Citizens United is the most serious threat today to free speech, and “there are two First Amendments”

By Jonathan Peters This is the tenth in a series of interviews I’m conducting with lawyers and scholars who’ve made a mark on freedom of expression.  Follow me @jonathanwpeters on Twitter. Martin Garbus is a trial lawyer and First Amendment expert who has appeared multiple times before the U.S. Supreme Court and in trial and appellate courts around the…

Can We Get Over the Property Thing Already!

By Mark Wilson Last week’s oral arguments in companion dog-sniffing cases will probably fall along predictable lines. And by “lines,” I mean “property lines.” The Court will likely reverse Florida v. Jardines on the ground that the officer who brought adorable canine cop Franky to the front door of Jardines’ house was within the curtilage, the space adjacent…

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