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Case Comment: Burwell v. Hobby Lobby

Third in the HLPR Case Comment series, “Least Restrictive Means”: Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, by Noah Marks! Noah examines a strange leap in the Supreme Court’s reasoning in Hobby Lobby that has left the way open for further restrictions on access to contraceptives.


Case Comment: McCullen v. Coakley

Second in the HLPR Case Comment series: McCullen v. Coakley: How Should We Reconcile the First Amendment with Abortion Rights? Revisiting the Supreme Court’s June decision regarding protestors or “counselors” who located near the entrances to abortion clinics, Ana Choi examines the conflict between free speech rights and abortion rights in this case.


Case Comment: Town of Greece v. Galloway

Over the summer, several members of HLPR worked on Case Comments. They discuss major decisions from the last two months (May and June) of the Supreme Court’s most recent term. Compared to our blog posts, they benefit from being able to relate earlier decisions to later ones, to gauge the reaction to the decision, and to…


Getting Rid of Teacher Tenure Will Not Lead to Education Equality

By Ana Choi Last month, David Boies—the star litigator who represented Al Gore in Bush v. Gore and argued against California’s Prop 8 in Hollingsworth v. Perry—became the chairman of Partnership for Educational Justice (PEJ), an organization founded by former CNN anchor Campbell Brown to pursue lawsuits challenging teacher tenure. According to an interview with the…


Campaign Finance Reform Defeated (Twice)

By Tom Watts Today, the Senate rejected a constitutional amendment that would have reversed many of the Supreme Court’s campaign finance decisions, most notably Citizens United. Combine this with the defeat of the lone Republican candidate for Senate who supported campaign finance reform and was backed by the Mayday SuperPAC, and the past couple days…

Glitter Bomb Attack!

Jake Laperruque  Why can’t those darn Republicans stay focused on the issues?  At a time like this, when there are No Jobsleft in the American economy, I want our GOP contenders to be discussing their plans to reduce unemployment.  But one presidential candidate has found a more important issue, an issue that poses a threat to…

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