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Guerrilla War Against the Eighth Amendment: The Supreme Court Battles Over Off-Label Drug Lethal Injections

By Rose Carmen Goldberg* A series of botched executions over the past several years has engendered increasing criticism of lethal injection. These high-profile miscarriages have involved prolonged visible suffering, including violent spasms and outcries about intolerable pain. Death row inmates are turning to courts for protection from painful deaths like these. Last month the Supreme…


Pay for Success: Pay for Success Calls for Innovation in Non-Profit, Contract and Securities Law

By: John Grossman and Marcia Chong* Pay for Success (PFS) is a groundbreaking, bi-partisan, public-private movement that drives resources toward high-performing social service programs. In so doing, PFS measurably improves the lives of people in need. PFS replaces traditional cost reimbursement government contracts with performance-based contracting where outcomes and impact are rigorously measured and government…

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