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Small Government is a Conservative Value – Except When It’s Not

By Isaac Saidel-Goley* Support for small, decentralized government with increased local control is often described as a fundamental principle of conservative ideology and a primary talking point for conservative politicians. Conservative politicians and pundits often use this rhetoric as a strategy to attack progressive candidates and policy by portraying them as overbearing or even pseudo-dictatorial….


Judges Block Docs Asking About Glocks

By Thomas Tobin* Lawyers and doctors are both trained to ask their clients uncomfortable questions. We expect that the questions these professionals ask will help them reach more informed determinations for their clients. Lawyer-client and doctor-patient relationships have special legal significance as the open exchange with these professionals often elicits private information that should remain…


10th Circuit: Do Voters Really Need Political Spending Disclosure?

By Peg Perl* Over the last 10 years, the U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly struck down campaign finance spending bans and contribution limits while keeping disclosure requirements intact. According to the Brennan Center, the Roberts Court has invalidated six different major provisions in federal and state laws and “significantly reshaped the legal landscape dictating how…


Equal Sovereignty: From Dred Scott to Driver’s Licenses

By: Charles McGonigal* On Friday, Alabama closed thirty-one Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices. These closings wouldn’t normally be national news, but Alabama has selectively closed offices in counties with high populations of people of color, leaving no facilities in those counties to issue driver’s licenses. As photo IDs are now required to vote in…

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