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Seeing Red: Tomatoes, Salmonella, Takings, & Torts

By Tommy Tobin* It’s an unfortunate reality that food can sometimes make people sick. In just one year, nearly 20,000 Americans were hospitalized due to Salmonella bacteria alone, and over 375 individuals died. In concert with other agencies, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plays a leading role in preventing foodborne illness. For scientists, pinpointing…


Solicitor General Don Verrilli: What We Stand For

I was fortunate to be a part of many great moments, in and out of the Supreme Court’s chambers, during my tenure as Solicitor General in the administration of President Obama. But of all the great moments, the one that means the most to me occurred at the end of a grueling three days of…


Let’s Work to End Homelessness, not Disguise It

By Nino Monea* If you take a stroll through Cambridge, Massachusetts, you probably wouldn’t pay much attention to the park benches. But if you did, might notice handrails jutting out in the middle of many of the benches. Though seemingly benign, this feature means that a person trying to stretch out cannot sleep on the…

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