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Presidentializing Incivility: Trump and the Expansion of Presidential Opportunity

By Brian Christopher Jones* No government or military experience…fine. Don’t read (beyond Twitter)…fine. Refuse to release your tax returns…fine. Encourage violence at your campaign rallies…fine. Degrade women about their “looks”…fine. Mock disabled persons…fine. Belittle political opponents and defame their families…fine. Brag about groping and touching (potentially sexually assaulting) women…fine. Openly lie to the American public…fine. And…


Repeal of Dodd Frank Act-Heralding a new financial crisis?

By Nicolas Deising* & Nihal Dsouza** The Dodd Frank Act is considered to be the most ambitious and far reaching legislation regulating the financial sector since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. On the surface, it instills confidence in the financial system. At a deeper level, it is aimed at preventing similar occurrences to the 2008…

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