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Repeal of Dodd Frank Act-Heralding a new financial crisis?

By Nicolas Deising* & Nihal Dsouza** The Dodd Frank Act is considered to be the most ambitious and far reaching legislation regulating the financial sector since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. On the surface, it instills confidence in the financial system. At a deeper level, it is aimed at preventing similar occurrences to the 2008…


The Moral Foundations of the Insurance Mandate

By Tina Rulli* Republicans’ new plan to replace the Affordable Care Act ditches the health insurance mandate, the requirement for individuals to purchase health insurance or pay a penalty. Instead, their American Health Care Act favors tax credits to incentivize people to purchase insurance. There are many vantage points from which to assess the health…


A Fatal First for the Obama Presidency

by Lucy Dicks-Mireaux* In the first veto override of the Obama administration, Congress enacted the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), a law that will allow September 11 victims and their families to sue Saudi Arabia’s government for allegedly backing the attacks on the United States. Fifteen of the nineteen men who carried out the…


Let’s Make a Deal

By Daniel Pyon As the dust settles from the midterm elections, this much is clear: the final two years of President Obama’s administration will be one of two-party control. Accordingly, journalists and pundits are busy predicting what divided government means for issues on the President’s legislative agenda ranging like immigration, climate change, tax reform, and…


Whatever Happened to NSA Reform?

By Jake Laperruque For the last year and a half, government surveillance and NSA monitoring have generated one of the most intense discussions in the country. The Snowden disclosures have not only brought the surveillance debate to the front page, congressional hearings, and the campaign trail, but have also significantly impacted public opinion: Most Americans believe…


Campaign Finance Reform Defeated (Twice)

By Tom Watts Today, the Senate rejected a constitutional amendment that would have reversed many of the Supreme Court’s campaign finance decisions, most notably Citizens United. Combine this with the defeat of the lone Republican candidate for Senate who supported campaign finance reform and was backed by the Mayday SuperPAC, and the past couple days…

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