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The Travel Ban is Just for Show—The Real Threat is from Individual Officials Who Can Act on its Discriminatory Message

By Angela D. Morrison* The administration’s revised travel ban represents only the most visible part of the administration’s discriminatory immigration policy. The U.S. immigration system has a sexist and racist history. The travel ban, along with many of the administration’s other immigration policies, builds on that legacy. Because the administration has been so apparent in…


Executive Order 9066: #NeverForget

By Jessica Huey* It was the worst day of his life. That was all he would ever say about it. Looking at black and white photos of my great-grandfather, the stoicism etched in his expression is impossible to ignore. But to understand his story—that of a quiet, Japanese merchant who came to America with his…


A Drop in the Ocean of Casualties

By Maseeh Moradi* The recent immigration executive order promises in its title to protect “the nation from foreign terrorist entry.” It does so by barring the entry of, among hundreds of millions of others, all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins (my own parents, once aliens, now citizens, would have been barred as well). Protecting…

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